Martin’s Garden Center & Unilock
Designed to Connect!


Martin’s Garden Center and Unilock

Martin’s Garden Center & Landscape Service and Unilock are committed to investing in the future of landscape design.  

Superior Technology:

Nothing says “luxury living” like an outdoor living space with Unilock Select™! With a wide range of natural colors and textures, and pavers ranging from 2 to as much as 4 times the strength of concrete, you can mix and match products to create your own design while having the peace of mind that Unilock Select pavers will last a lifetime.

Contractors You Can Trust:

We recommend the use of a professional landscape contractor for your project. You are making an important investment in your home. Don’t let poor workmanship turn your ideal plan into a disappointment. Proper site preparation with correct grading, base material and compaction is key to ensuring your new outdoor space (patio, driveway, walkway, etc.) looks great and stays even and safe for years to come.


Our world class production facilities are renowned for their safety and cleanliness and are staffed with the most experienced production people in the industry. In fact, Unilock employees have over 3762 collective years of industry experience.

Our continual investment in technologically and advanced equipment ensures we’re able to provide the best in quality, consistency and design.

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